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You can contact her via email at:  gdlockz@gmail

Her stats are: Stats: 5-7, 130 pounds., born:1984, biceps: 14 inches

Location: Orange County, California

A moment before the bell.

Now look at Devastating Deana as she faces off against Candy, two rivals about to have it out. Some argue that the look on her face is fear; you have to see the match.

A moment later

Striking a pose without striking a pose.

Couples wrestling event with her partner Ravishing Ronno.

This pic is from several years ago. The picture below shows the girl who won both the mud wrestling competition that night, then went over to win the bikini bull riding competition. By the way, at the mud wrestling, Deana was the first girl in the ring, and had to wrestle a dozen other girls, 1 round each to a pin until she had beaten them all. She got a 15 minute break, and wrestled the girl with the second best record. She beat her a second time. About 90 minutes later, she entered the bull riding contest!  

Perhaps now you can see how we have achieved such world wide acclaim!

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