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Stacy is at it again. It is not often you will get to see both of shoulders on the mat like this. Scroll down for more pix and information about meeting Stacy.

Something new from Stacy Lane.

Between rounds

Anyone recall this rivalry?

Skylar Renee is one of the most well known sessions wrestlers in the world. She showed up for a shoot a couple of months ago and faced off with Amber.

UPDATE September 12, 2015: we will be posting 2 new videos shortly, one you have NEVER seen with a prominent sessions wrestler and one of our stalwarts. The second will be one of our classic favorites.Check back soon, for now enjoy the show. https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOTH-SHOULDERS-Life-Under-the-Wrassln-Game/165296226905888

Skylar and Amber had a classic face off and hard fought match!

Amber entered the ring with extreme confidence.

Fantasia, 42G!


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The referee gave a few brief instructions and at the end said, "may the most beautiful wrassler win!"

NEW video footage on the Facebook page, snippets from Stacy Lane's documentary.

We will be posting more and more snippets on fb from all of our participants.

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This is AMAZING folks! We recently found a magazine from 1995 (that is right, 20 years ago) that features one of our subjects in the film. She was one of the original Spearmint Rhino girls, from the City of Industry, prior to the club becoming and international chain. Some would argue the she was in some large way responsible the success of the club. Here is a small teaser.

Amber faces off with the world famous Kristie Etzold.

As some of you know, some personalities in the film industry can be rather difficult. Lets face it, if it were an easy business, then everyone would be making movies; and movies would look like most television shows. Our film has had a few hangups but it will be fantastic!

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Below is Savanna. You might know her from The Spearmint Rhino. She was a pioneer in the comeback days of exotic wrestling of the 1990's. She is also in our film.

    Arguably one of the most beautiful women to enter the ring.

She brought more than just performance to every event.

Waiting for the bell to start round 2.

Deana's fists are blocked by Candy. Candy meanwhile is winding up an overhand right.

Half of a heartbeat later, Deana is suffering the effects of a powerful punch to her abdomen. Have the thousands of crunches paid off? Will all of the abdominal work matter? Is Candy, though tired, winding up for another blow?

Deana looks utterly helpless and here as she is battered and staggering back. Does this give you any feelings you care to share with us? Send them to us on face book, paste them on our page.

Would you guess a face like that would trade punches, toe to toe, with fighters who were often much larger?

Ferocity and Finesse combined into the most Stunning and Lethal Starlet of the Day!

Elle leaves no room for compromise or question! A performance Juggernaut with only Time in her way as she ascends to the TOP!

Rumor has it... Candi is maker her way back to the fight game!

Check out images from our latest interview posts at the bottom.

We've made a commitment to  you. Everyone involved in the creation of this film has been working tirelessly: Seth Talmudage, Brian Monroe, Bruce Skorzeny, Yair Yasmik Yasmire, Gilda Flotham, Moises Weiss, Abner Blum, Beth, Elle, Stacy Lane, Deana Corleone and our latest replacement  who landed like a Guardian Angel, Amber Ni'cole.

Here you see the present and future of Ladies Wrestling! Amber faces off against the seasoned Stacy.

Stacy on top of Flexi, going for a pin.

Starting the count.

You can see the second camera getting the emotions of the competitors.

Stacy asserting herself.

Flexi answers!

Now those are TRICEPS muscles!                                    

We have been working diligently for a few years now to bring you a full length motion picture. That is right, a movie; not just new videos. We have an outstanding film near completion and we are confident you will enjoy it. It has taken years to get to this point and we appreciate you hanging in there with us. No company can survive without customers. No performer can last without fans. Our customers are the finest fans of female wrestling on the PLANET. We will shortly, as final editing is taking place, bring you a film you enjoy over and over again!

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After fighting in clubs, bars, apartments, backyards and even public parks--the best is nearly ready for you!

This will be the ultimate depiction of what you value as your favorite sport! You can surely admire the physical beauty and athletic attributes of one of the sports finest competitors; few could ever compete with Flexi!

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 1995 and had been responsible for providing outstanding female wrestling videos ever since. Our specialty is in the area womens competitive sports. Our regular customers particularly value our attention to detail and use of the MOST ATTRACTIVE athletes. Our business is located in Huntington Beach, California.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: shesslaam@aol.com  We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Here is ANOTHER new opponent for Rage (Stacy Lane). Look at how they contrast with each other. Their fights are PHENOMENAL! Erin Joy Payne has not only the physique and the tenacity to get in the ring, but she has the skills and determination to fight some of the most seasoned women in the sport. We only wish we could find technical staff half as talented!

Check out the technical abilities on these two rivals!

Amber's toned body tells the story of someone with countless hours of physical training. Is that enough against experience?

Bring on the pain!

The entire ring is brought into action.

Phenomenal agility!

Check out these ladies. Do you recognize them?

That is Cindy, Sweet Savage.

How about this one?

The lovely Pam Ward!

And this amazing woman?

It is Shelly, the Burbank Bomber!